Rag · ‘n’ · Rock: / ræg ænd rɑk/ n 1 interplanetary vessel, formed by the marriage of an immovable terrestrial boulder and an unstoppable celestial cloth. 2 rapturous event in space-time, during which the interplanetary vessel was formed. 3 astrozine, publishing imprint and platform for the facilitation of utopian ideas & practises.

How It Began:

The venture began as a zine in the Spring of 2012. This was marked by the successful launch of issue #1 and the St. Patrick’s day musical bonanza Rag’n’Rock’n’Roll Fest. After a couple years of pensive hibernation in the American wilderness, the space-vessel felt invigorated and came to London, England, in October of 2014.

What It Is:

Rag‘n’Rock is a magazine of utopian writing and art, appearing bi-monthly. The types of material we are looking for are: open-source instructionals, DIY manuals, herbology, undercover journalism, rastafari culture, grass-roots politics, radical action documentation, sci-fi, speculative non-fiction, UFOlogy, mysticism, errant science and observations of the unknown.

What's Next:

More than just a zine, Rag’n’Rock is becoming a publishing platform for forward-looking projects that hold promise for improving the state of humankind. We operate horizontally & transparently and as a not-for-profit organisation. As such, we are hoping that the public understands us as a facilitative entity which anybody can become a part of. If you or your organisation have a project in mind that you think we may help you realize, or you wish to be patron to a specific aspect of our venture, let us know!


Since 2012, all that is Rag‘n’Rock has operated by a simple precept:

“not to wallow in the status quo, but to propel towards the unknown!”

London HQ

F51 Hoxton Sq
London N1 6PB

t: +44 (0) 7582344178
f: Connecting Soon